Bulerias Update

     Bulerias is elated to be serving our customers again.  You may have heard this phrase quite a bit lately: “These are unprecedented times we live in…”  I’m not sure about many industries, however, at this current moment in time, in the restaurant industry, that statement cannot be truer to its meaning.  The nationwide shutdowns, erratic food prices, industry wide layoffs, food shortages, and the biggest challenge of all, creating an enjoyable dining experience while making sure all team members and all patrons are safe from the uncertainty of this virus. (Talk about a challenge!)  During these times, to thrive, restaurants must adapt quickly and make the necessary changes in their systems to navigate through the uncertainty.   I am thrilled about the improvements we have been making at Bulerias and more excited about our future than ever before in our 12 years of serving amazing Tapas, Paella, and Sangria to all of you! 🙂

     I want to outline some of these changes upfront starting with this website.  This is the new reservation website for Bulerias Tapas Chicago, both locations.  At this time, the City is highly discouraging walk-ins and highly encouraging reservations.  In response to the City’s directive, we quickly adapted in building this website (on a tight limited capacity budget I might add) to allow patrons to choose their exact table in our restaurant.  We want you to know that you will be safe while dining with us, but more than us saying you will be safe, we want you to FEEL safe while dining with us.  So we have cancelled all other third party services to secure reservations and built this page for the sole purpose of allowing you to safely dine with us in the exact place in the restaurant that you will feel the most comfortable.  At first here, we already know, this website may feel a bit clunky, however, it will currently do the safe job of allowing our patrons to choose their exact time, their exact table, and allow maximum and safe enjoyment of their lunch or dinner service.  In the future, please trust us, we will be making the necessary upgrades to this site to allow for a more streamlined reservation process.

     The City of Chicago has mandated that patrons wear facemasks during all times except for the time seated at the dining table.  The City is also discouraging lines outside the doors of establishments and is mandating that patrons do not walk around the inside or outside of establishments while dining or drinking.  The guidelines clearly state that patrons can only walk to the restrooms and back to their tables and make best efforts of maintaining a 6-foot distance between other patrons and team members.

     Another City directive is the limited capacity guidelines, this current reservation system is structured in a way that we will never be over the current capacity guidelines.  You can freely book your table and know that we will always be within the safety guidelines.

     You will notice as you book your reservation that we are asking for a booking deposit to secure your reservation, please know that this is a deposit, and not a fee.  The deposit is credited to your dining bill.  One of the serious challenges of restaurant reservations are people that make frivolous reservations just in case they may go out to dine, and unfortunately during these times, this type of reservation is not allowed as the limited capacity will not allow for cancellations or no shows.  We hope you understand.

     Another directive from the City of Chicago is to offer a virtual menu and not a physical menu. On this site, you will see our entire menu, this will be the menu that you will access while dining with us.  You are also free to pre-order if you would like.  Pre-ordering allows for more time to visit and enjoy your family, loved ones, and friends….And for all of you that do pre-order, you are building credit toward future dining certificates.  A new program that is currently a work in progress and will be announced in the coming months.

     Finally, perhaps the most exciting improvements and changes that we are making is in our overall day to day systems of re-inventing who we are and constantly working on mastering our craft.  We aim to WOW you in the coming weeks and months and years ahead.  We have incredible plans in the works and will be announcing in our future.  We have such a passion for what we do and take to heart (we really take to heart) the positives and not so positives and turn them into a learning experiences to simply make ourselves better.  If only we could please everyone 🙂 During these times we humbly ask for some understanding, please know, restaurants are in a difficult position, all of them, this pandemic will close thousands of restaurants across the country and world, people have their whole lives invested into their restaurants because they have a passion to serve others as we do.  This is not a time to be complaining and one star reviewing, we are all in this together.

     Myself and The Bulerias Team Thank You for Your Amazing Support during these times, we cannot wait to see you again soon!

Mariena Bonini, Owner, Bulerias Tapas Chicago

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